Marijuana: The Gateway to Hell



As more and more of my FORMER friends turn to marijuana drug use, I realize the serious implications of the legalization movement. These people pushing day in and day out for the legalization of weed are actually pushing for a zombified nation in which no one cares about what goes on in Congress. Here is my analysis of the situation.

The commie Democrats support the widespread use of legal marijuana and have over the years ensured that there are myriad ways of intaking this KILLER substance: joints, blunts, bongs, injections, even hemp lotions! They did this with the knowledge that marijuana fries your brain cells, saps all of your energy, and depletes you of every single nutrient you need to make good, godly decisions. Now, it is extremely obvious that no one would sanely and freely choose to be a DEMOCART, but, with the exposure to the GATEWAY DRUG, they gain access into this world in which they do nothing but sit mindlessly on their couch and pass around the sneaky murderer that is killing their FREEDOM! Once an individual has consumed marijuana, they have reached the point of no return. The Democrats now have them right where they want them and are free to be the puppet-masters of these “stoned” zombie marionettes. They can now feed them any idea they want with the promise of more of their life source (weed) in return. With all of them addicted and in need of more marijuana to just fuel them through their day, the Democrats can control them and exploit them to fulfill their needs.

It is in this manner that the Democrats have begun their scheme to take control of the country with suspected motives to further this conquest to all of North America and then the globe. Once they have a people satisfied with their “deserved” and Biblically immoral freedom to be HIGH, they have gained control. Then they are only a string of peer pressures away from total world domination.

Please keep your eyes peeled and remain on the lookout for signs of drug use among friends and family. Sever all ties with known marijuana users. In cases like these in which an imminent global takeover is at hand we need to do more than “just say no.”

God Bless