One Education, Under God: Prayer in Schools

Two children, twins, were separated at birth. One was sent to a prodigious learning institution under the stern leadership of a white Christian man who led the student body in a word of prayer each morning, read from God’s Holy WORD, and enforced prayer times throughout the day. The other went to a vile, secular government-funded education SWAMP with no morning chapel, no Bible study courses, and instead teachers who believed and TAUGHT evolution under the employment of a “principal” who was a WOMAN, atheist, and wearer of above-the-knee skirts. Christian child-warriors were smacked with rulers for trying to pray for their rotten, free-thinking classmates with parents who let them watch PG-rated programs.

The child who attended the second “school” went on to become an infamous murderer and Satanist who led his graduating class in rituals of the occult, tossing their God-fearing classmates into the sacrificial fire and eating RAISIN CAKES (Hosea 3:1–”Then the LORD said to me, ‘Go again, love a woman who is loved by her husband, yet an adulteress, even as the LORD loves the sons of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love raisin cakes’”).

The first child, however, became a strong Republican President of the United States leading with the WORD of the LORD as a sword in his right hand and protecting our beloved country with the impenetrable shield of prayer in his left.

It seems clear to me that the differences between these two twins are enough to prove the importance, necessity, and irrevocable pragmatism that is the strict enforcement and regulation of prayer in schools. Let us destroy the curriculum of evolution and “science” and replace it instead with courses on loving, understanding, and sharing God’s WORD. It is this Word that will show us the path to righteousness, the path to salvation, and the path to overcoming once and for all the sickening plague of Democrats spreading their infectious curse to the youth of our country through the enforced attendance of free public schools.

If we do not start now, if we do not FIGHT, then there is no telling what will happen to this country in the next few years. We may be overcome with Satanists who walk about with veritable flame-throwers of sin scouring the country and beating down each and every one of us who will not join their army of lies, murder, promiscuity, and attending church only on Easter and Christmas.

We MUST stand up and fight for our rights to the First Amendment! Let us make this once again One Nation UNDER GOD, bring back the necessary implementation of prayer in our schools, and truly embrace the Freedom of (Christian-Exclusive) Religion on which our country was founded.

God Bless